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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Faces of the Abandoned

Faces of the Abandoned, an article from Newsweek:

The first time I met Jun Jun, she was quieter than the other children. The reason? She'd been separated from her foster parents and returned to a children's home to ready herself for permanent adoption. At first, she padded around in her puffy purple dress, eyebrows arched as she cautiously watched other kids play before jumping in. But she soon warmed up. Revving back a few paces, she sprinted into my arms. I tossed her up and down amid happy squeals of "yah yah yah yah!" She played with a boldness that often left her on her head or flat on her face. The caretakers practiced lunging as they reached to catch her.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who Are You Also Known As?

Who Are You Also Known As?: Like many adopted people I never had a simple answer to the question, "Where did I come from?" For most people raised by their biological parents, this question can be answered by simply gazing at their parent's face. There in the turn of a nose and the curve of the eye they are reminded of where they came from. bounded by blood, a part of a human continuum passed from mother to daughter, from father to son.
(Thanks Jeff from ChinaDads)